The Barnsley Gardens Throughout The Year…

It’s no secret that we love a Barnsley House wedding… and even though we may be a little bias (cough cough), we think our house couldn’t be more beautiful for your big day. From the gorgeous 17th century house, with its cosy lounges, log fires and restaurant flooded with natural light – but it’s the garden that is the real showstopper.

The history of the garden itself can be found here but with al fresco ceremonies being kind of our thing, we thought it might be handy to put together a guide of what you can find blooming in the garden throughout the different months of the year so you can see what to expect in your wedding month!

Obviously there are LOTS more gorgeous flowers in the garden all year round but these are some of our favourites…


Through the depths of winter, April is a sight for sore eyes. The sun shines, its warmer and the garden starts to show its true colours. Starting with the one and only Magnolia. This tree is a true star of the garden. It frames the entrance to the Temple Garden beautifully with its white and pink petals setting the stage for a memorable occasion. The temple is perfect for more intimate ceremonies, cutting a cake or a cheeky cocktail bar….

 The magnolia isn’t the only visitor we have in April though. April is the where the main garden explodes with colour from everyone’s faithful favourite… the tulip. The team in the garden choose an array of colours to decorate the flowers beds, making for first steps into the garden a memorable one!


As we stroll into the Month of May there is only one thing on our minds… but you have to wait until almost the end of the month. I am talking about the ICONIC Laburnam Arch. People flock from far away countries to try and catch the beauty of this arch for themselves. It’s elusive though and only blooms fully for just over a week…


Mark Lord Photography

In contrast to the golden yellow of the laburnum, May also bring us the stunning Allium. These beauties intertwine themselves through the base of the laburnum but can be found lingering throughout the garden.


#WisteriaWatch is on the radar for June. In a wave of purple, it reaches across the whole of the garden side of the house, making some picture-perfect moments.

The Wisteria maybe the most prominent feature in June, but the geraniums give the flowers beds a pop of colour like nothing else. These elegant flowers are a firm favourite in our garden!


The roses are in full bloom coming into July. Around the edge of the Temple you will find are very special rose garden, planted in honour of Rosemary Verey.


August brings out the statuesque White Rosebay willowherb, towering over the flowers beds to  brings some height and glamour to the lawn.


Heading towards the end of the summer, you get the last hurrah of the wave of colour the garden gives us. But one parting gift is the Dahlias, these supreme flowers – usually the size of dinner plates – decorate the garden and Potager garden with their beauty.