Real Weddings – Vicky & Meryck

It is such a compliment to us when someone who works in the wedding industry herself chooses Barnsley for their own wedding day. Vicky is one of our recommended make-up artists and fell in love with Barnsley House having come here for work previously.

In addition to this, Vicky knew and consequently chose our favourite florist and photographer to work alongside her on the day. I cannot tell you what a huge difference this makes to the smooth running and overall beauty of the day as they all know where everything goes, what happens when, what does and doesn’t work – poetry in motion!

On the day itself, we set up with our fingers crossed as the weather seemed a little changeable and the sky looked a bit threatening! We got lucky in the end though and managed to have the gorgeous ceremony outside at The Gothic Summerhouse accompanied by Vicky & Meryck’s dogs Finlay, Sydney & Dougal.


Our guest of honour was Liberty, Vicky & Meryck’s gorgeous little girl whose name inspired a few of the other decorations and outfit choices for the day.

Vicky looked amazing in a Belle and Bunty two piece from The White Room, Minchinhampton and bravely did her own make up on the day all whilst instructing her maids with theirs and lending a helping hand too!

The floral decor was just perfect for the time of year on the cusp on summer / autumn enhanced by candles and antlers hired from a London taxidermist.

As the light faded the guests enjoyed a round of espresso martinis (the modern day tea and coffee equivalent) before enjoying a great night of dancing and laughter.