Real Weddings – Amy & Nathan

What made you choose Barnsley House for your wedding venue?
Once we decided to get married there was no question where it would be. We had stayed at BH a number of times and since the very first time we visited we said that it would be the most perfect venue. Every time we stayed the staff remembered us, knew our names and we felt so welcome, we were on first name terms with most of them. A wedding is such a personal thing and so I wanted to be sharing it at a place that I felt at home and with people that I knew did a fantastic job and were friendly. I wanted our guests to leave our wedding and be as in love with BH as we are and they all were.

How did you find the planning process for the whole wedding?
I enjoyed every step of the planning and thought the team at BH were wonderful, especially Georgia. Through the streams of emails and the endless phone calls I never once felt like anything was a problem, I was always made to feel like our wedding was the only wedding at BH. I had a few on site meetings with Georgia and other suppliers and felt very comfortable that it would run impeccably, and it did!! The weekly wedding plan sheet that was sent through was always updated, informative and spot on, this really helped with the planning of everything – everybody’s whereabouts at all times etc. I was worried that this day I had planned for my whole life would not pan out like I had imagined and dreamed but it absolutely did, every minute, every detail.

Any tips or tricks you picked up along the way?
Listen to every snippet of help and advice people give to you and write it in a little wedding notepad, every page under a different heading – flowers, cake, couple time, childcare, drinks/cocktails, gifts. I built up a notepad of very useful hints, websites, do’s/don’ts and tips that I wish someone had given to me ahead of my wedding. I will pass this on to whoever is the next close friend of mine to get married.

Any advice you would give couples looking for a venue?
If you’re reading this blog then you are considering BH as your wedding venue, my advice to you therefore would be to look no further as you have found the perfect venue! I would suggest to meet the staff that will be working on your day and say hello to them, they are going to be part of the most important day of your life after all. I requested certain members of staff for the day, the ones that we had got to know well and people that we knew would fit in well with our friends and family.

Other than the ‘I do’s’ (!) what was your favourite part of your day?
Walking out from behind the trees after my bridesmaids, on the arm of my Dad into the stunning grounds of BH with ALL of the people I love and care about in front on my eyes. Seeing my Mum, my son and then finally seeing Nathan standing waiting for me with tears in his eyes… I will never forget that moment, it is etched onto my brain. I hadn’t seen how super gorgeous the gardens of BH looked, the flowers and the chairs, everybody looking stunning and there for me and Nathan. I just can’t put it into words.

What was your inspiration for your wedding?
We wanted our wedding to suit BH – the style, the flowers, the colours etc. I wanted it to all make sense and all go together.

Did you have any favours? And if so why did you choose them?
We didn’t have favours, we left cards on the tables to say that we had made a donation to Cancer Research instead. Everybody understood this as my Mum was just recovering from chemotherapy at our wedding.

Do you have any advice for another couple you wish someone had told you?
Make time for each other as a couple during the day. Take 30 minutes to have a chat and a glass of champagne. My photographer said this to me at the start of the day. She was right. So glad I listened to her.

Photography by Red Maple Photography