Our Suppliers – Magic Man Richard

During these crazy old times we are currently living in, we took the opportunity to catch up with a couple of our favourite suppliers to find out a bit more about them and if they have any help or advice for couples. Meet Richard… the Gloucestershire Magician, based in (you guessed it….) Gloucestershire, means he’s just down the road from Barnsley House!

What’s the best part of the day to have a magician?

Based on a lot of experience (I perform at around a hundred weddings a year!) there are two particular parts of the wedding day where close-up magic fits in really well – either the drinks reception or early evening, after the meal. During the drinks reception the Bride and Groom and close family are often busy with photos and as a magician I can look after the other guests and entertain them while they are standing around. Also I look for people that don’t know anyone else at the wedding – they are easy to spot as they are stood on their own – and I pull them into groups and with my magic it really helps to break the ice. The other time that works well for magic is the early evening particularly if the main room is being turned around. My close-up walkaround magic is very flexible, I can perform inside or outside in the beautiful Barnsley House gardens. At that time there is often a ‘lull’ after the meal so magic brings a lot of energy and excitement back into the day. 

What has been your favourite time at Barnsley?

I remember a private birthday party where I performed in the gardens and it’s such a beautiful location for a summer wedding or party. I feel really lucky to be doing my job when I’m performing in such luxury surroundings. I also love a Barnsley House wedding! 

The guest reactions are amazing – do you have a go to trick to get the party started?

Yes – I perform a quick card trick that gets amazing reactions. When I approach a group as I’m holding a deck of cards it establishes me as the entertainer (otherwise I’m often mistaken for a waiter or The Manager Lol ) and the magic needs to happen quickly to show that I know what I’m doing. I’m usually with a group for about ten minutes and leave them absolutely gob-smocked! I always say the tricks last a few minutes, but they will be taking about them for years! 

How did you get to become a magician?

Unlike many magicians who start young with a magic set, I got into it as an adult. A friend of mine sent me a card trick book and some decks of cards and it’s been my passion ever since. He really started my journey and what used to be a hobby then became my full-time profession. A highlight of which was passing the audition to get into The Magic Circle in 2012. There are only 1500 members of The Magic Circle in the entire world so it’s highly prestigious. 

Any tips for planning B&Gs during lockdown?

I really feel for brides and grooms at this time as a lot of their plans have gone out of the window for a day they’ve been looking forward to for months or years. I would say, please be patient with all wedding suppliers – I have many friends in the wedding industry and we are all doing our best to help with postponements and it’s a very strange time for all of us. We want to be back at weddings too! Also be positive – love always wins, and your day may be delayed but we will stay have that party –  just a little later than planned. Remember  the most important thing is to see all the people that you love on your day, the actual date is arguably less important.

What would be your biggest piece of advice to couples thinking of having a magician at their wedding?

My biggest piece of advice would be to book them early! On key dates such as a summer weekend we often get booked months or even a year in advance, so if you are thinking about having some entertainment contact them (me!) as soon as possible. Also check their experience – how many weddings have they done? Are they a member of The Magic Circle? Is it their full-time job or is it a hobby? These questions should ensure that you get a professional – they are worth the money! 

Instagram: @glosmagician