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An outside ceremony in the garden at Barnsley House is an absolute delight and we always get excited when brides ask us to provide flowers here because it’s such a glorious garden to work in.

The well established and immaculately maintained garden changes with the seasons and is different each time we visit, which makes every outside ceremony completely unique. From the blousy magnolias in spring, the enormous clematis flowers in summer to the rich colours of the trees in autumn, it always provides gorgeous surroundings for an outside ceremony.

Credit: Jada Poon photography www.jadapoonphotography.com

At Barnsley House, brides are spoilt for choice with not just one but two sites for an outside ceremony. The Gothic Summerhouse is nestled under the willow trees and makes a grand backdrop for a larger ceremony. As the chairs are laid out on the lawn in front, it offers a great blank canvas for us to work with and brides often choose to either make a statement of the aisle, or the stone archway, or both!


Credit: Charley Smith photography www.charleysmithweddingphotography.com

The style of weddings at Barnsley House are often relaxed and informal and we think the style of flowers should mirror this theme, so our arrangements are often loose, with a natural shape and lots of movement. We use lots of foliage and seasonal blooms that you would often find in an English Garden. Flowers that are popular at Barnsley include peonies, garden roses, delphiniums, ammi and foxgloves.

Credit: Tamara Gruner photography www.tamaragruner.com

We often like our designs to look like an extension of the garden and the aisle meadow is a great example of this, with flowers appearing to grow up from ground level. As with most of our designs, these arrangements can be relocated after the ceremony and styled in the Potager restaurant for guests to enjoy for the rest of the wedding day.

Credit: Ria Mishaal photography www.riamishaal.com

The Temple by the Pond is a more intimate setting in the back corner of the garden. We love decorating the pillars of the temple, or for a simpler look, just providing lanterns around the pond and hanging t-lights in the tree can often create an atmosphere all on its own.

Credit: Fulton photography www.fultonphotography.co.uk

As well as the larger ceremony designs, we love helping brides style the rest of their wedding day. A confetti station can be set up on an Indian Cart for guests to help themselves to a pick ‘n’ mix of natural confetti including olive leaves, rose petals and lavender seeds. Quirky personalized signs can lure guests onto the next part of the day, or a gorgeous floral heart on the front door can welcome guests into the cosy house.

Credit: Ria Mishaal www.riamishaal.com

Credit: Lawson photography www.lawsonphotography.co.uk

Whether brides choose the Gothic Summerhouse or the Temple by the Pond, there are so many ways that both areas can be decorated with beautiful floral arrangements, which makes every wedding here a unique and unforgettable day. Working at Barnsley House is always such a treat and we can’t wait for another summer season of beautiful outdoor weddings.

C Credit: M&J photography www.mandjphotos.com

With thanks to: Michelle @ www.flowersbypassion.com/