Nick Nelson

Art and Conversation Lunch with Nick Nelson

19th May 2015 @ 11:30 am
The Potager Restaurant
£35.00 per person

We are delighted to welcome Nick Nelson Head of Art History Cheltenham College and founder of Arcadia Education –

Our first topic of conversation is “Art and Controversy’ Nick will cover controversy in art from tackling Warhol and Hirst as media-manipulators and asks does controversy make publicity and thus cultivates celebrity. Whose artworks were burnt in the infamous New York Armoury Show? What made a member of the public enter the National Gallery with a
sawn-off shotgun and blow a hole in a Leonardo cartoon from seven feet?  This interactive talk endeavours to explore ‘Art on the Edge’.

Tickets: £35.00 per person to include coffee on arrival at 11:30am, the talk, a two course lunch and glass of wine.

To book your tickets please call us on 01285 740000 or email [email protected]